Electronic Design

Electronic Design Service

From concept to prototyping and then production we will design your special application that is not available “off the shelf”, We offer you circuit board design to your specification, Utilizing microprocessors we integrate analog, Rf and logic circuitry to meet your special need. We provide hardware, firmware, software and manufacturing design services to clients throughout Southern Africa.

Schematic PCB Design

Every electronic design starts with a schematic design of the product, this defines the circuit and components to be used and is the first stage of the design, being the source document for the PCB layout. Proper electronic component choice is critical to product cost, Reliability and longevity of supply and maintenance for any specific compliance requirements of your product.

Custom PCB Layout

The printed circuit board layout represents the physical product and will be designed to fit in a specified enclosure of your choice. We also have relationships with companies to design your own special enclosure. With 3D CAD tools it is possible to visualize the final product long before production.

Electronic Simulation

Critical sections of the circuit such as filters and the like will be used to simulate the circuit utilizing software tools to ensure maximum performance.